Microsoft Adds admin roles to teams

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams collaboration service now supports the assignment of four different IT administrator roles.

The four roles that can be assigned with the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center” are Service Administrator, Communication Administrator, Communications Support Engineering and Communications Support Specialist.

Service Administrator. This role appears to have the broadest capabilities by providing the ability to manage the Teams service at the organizational and group levels, as well as the ability to create Office 365 groups. You can perform such tasks as setting up meeting policies, conference bridges, manage calling and messaging policies, etc.

Communication Administrator. A member with this role assigned can manage meeting and calling policies. They can handle phone number assignments and troubleshoot call quality issues.

Communications Support Engineering. This role is constrained to call troubleshooting using the Call Analytics dashboard able to view the “full call record information.”

Communications Support Specialist. This role can troubleshoot calls using the Call Analytics dashboard, only able to view user information for the specific user being searched for.





In conjunction with the four new roles, Microsoft is touting the use of “37 Graph APIs,” which can be leveraged to automatically provision teams and groups, and set expiration policies for them. However, it’s a fairly involved programming task to set up such automation, based on this Microsoft demo.

The Graph APIs, which provide access to underlying Office 365 data, also can be leveraged to install applications within a team and make the apps accessible using tabs. The APIs also are being used by Microsoft’s partners to make it easier to access apps within Teams.

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