Not Enough for a healthy mind and body

It was seven days ago I decided I wasn’t committed as I should be to get my body and mind in a healthier condition. That Saturday morning I hit the gym and followed @Roberto’s design for me fully. It is seven days later I weighed myself saw the ‘itty bitty’ progress but also decided I... Continue Reading →

Day Fifteen

Well it has been two weeks since I took this lifestyle change serious. How is it going? Is it different this time compared to previous attempts? Where am I truly struggling versus just getting over the "laziness" and getting it accomplished. I have a couple sets of changes I am working on. I am changing... Continue Reading →

I received my nutritional plan

I love the report I received. All of the time filling out the forms and participating in the interviews really paid off. Without getting too personal in my health, here are my four concentrated efforts (outside of weight loss): High CholesterolHigh Blood PressureFamily history of heart diseaseSinus Issues and Food As an overview, the foods... Continue Reading →

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