MLB Playoffs

I wish all MLB games had the same excitement level as playoff games. The intensity of every move, let alone every pitch is remarkable. I catch a couple dozen games a year on TV during the regular season but I can watch every playoff game live and again on repeat and it doesn’t matter what … Continue reading MLB Playoffs

More Cybersecurity commitments

Take aways from this are the participants committing to prevent cyberattacks, individually and in partnership, while executing new industry standards to deploying better security tools and providing cybersecurity skills training. Key points like supply chain management, zero trust and raising security awareness were leading talking points of this meeting, as it should be within every … Continue reading More Cybersecurity commitments

Microsoft Adds admin roles to teams

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams collaboration service now supports the assignment of four different IT administrator roles. The four roles that can be assigned with the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center" are Service Administrator, Communication Administrator, Communications Support Engineering and Communications Support Specialist. Service Administrator. This role appears to … Continue reading Microsoft Adds admin roles to teams

What’s New in Microsoft Teams – November

Microsoft Teams now adding new features, such as, new features like Quiet Hours, Teams based on dynamic group membership, org-wide team, scoped Exchange directory search, view organizational information from anywhere, schedule meeting on the go and know who is calling you via Microsoft Teams. Quiet Hours, keep your work-life balance with quiet hours. Quiet Hours … Continue reading What’s New in Microsoft Teams – November