The Noteworthy category, most often referred to as the ‘In the News’ category enables the site and my efforts to cast a wider net, not worrying about where it is categorized under my blog’s normal postings.

The Disruptive category will review various technologies have caused a disruption in an industry. Most often we will cover a single product or service level technology so that the right depth is achieved in these discussions.

Cloud. This category covers various cloud technologies to which a majority or all of the technology lives and depends on cloud only objects.

The DevOps category contains collaboration around various tools used in the software development world that often crosses into the operations platform or responsibility.

The Deep Dive category is an area that will contain articles and conversations breaking down components of technology and defining how to or how not to deploy, configure or use that component.

The Sharing Posts category allows me the ability to share favorite postings, includesmall references to an update announcement or patch/vulnerability and not be forced to drive a larger conversation from it. The more the site becomes a point of reference the more this area is valued. The concern is where i draw the line on what I post on. This may be limited to just what I notice or care about at the time, or my audience brings to my attention.

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