Microsoft Teams: What’s New and Known Issues

This is a May 2018 update on the added features and known issues with Microsoft Teams. What's New The original list (shown in italics) came from the Microsoft TechCommunity (link), I have added my comments on the usefulness I have found so far with these. Send a message from the command box. You can now send a... Continue Reading →

Skype migrating to a component of Microsoft Teams

Over the next several months Microsoft will be unveiling a continual vision for intelligent communications to transform calling and meeting experiences. Microsoft Teams will continue to be the hub as many of Microsoft's former products (ex. Skype) and recent products (Azure Cognitive Services) are integrated or 'consumed'.   Microsoft is ushering Teams, its collaboration tool, into... Continue Reading →

Spring cleaning for Microsoft?

Later this month Microsoft is gradually discontinuing support, and closing down applications on Windows Phone platform.  These Applications will continue to be developed and updated on both iOS and Android, but not their own native OS. It seems OWA (Outlook Web App) that runs on iOS and Android has also been discontinued (April 2018) on... Continue Reading →

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