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071e4d7e-4057-4140-84aa-09a7f55e619aThe Compass is a place for IT professionals and enthusiasts to connect and find direction. This blog allows me the opportunity to connect my love of technology and passion for developing a brighter and more secure future for everyone. 

As technology professionals, we so often understand quickly how our products and services can be deployed to solve problems. But we can no longer tell users how they should interact with our problems — we have to follow their paths to deploying solutions.

I started The Compass after spending a little over two decades supporting, presenting, and collaborating with peers on user experience and IT service issues. My expertise in leading technology innovation for law firms spans risk management, information governance, client service delivery, and professional services practice management. The value we bring is our ability to work together gathering various experiences and expertise together for a full solution.  

Being on the front lines of technology, in the C-suite, and sitting in conference rooms developing opportunities I have always valued the team approach, having the benefit of working with magnificent teams, connected with successful, innovative peers while in a variety of technical and operational roles. I am hoping to build a centerpiece to gather us all to discuss new technologies also problems with the absence of technology.

I have always been interested in and researching opportunities for Office 365, Cloud Platforms, and various forms of AI.  Mixing these areas together with DevOps and disruptive technologies I am planning on creating a mix of conversation and published details that can propel ideas to new solutions (or fixes).  I am hoping to see this blog evolve into a repository of information, how to’s, and R&D that can be applied and put into productive use.

I have created a few categories and will post updates and research across a wide variety of technologies, including a few interviews of some of the people that have inspired me over the years with their approaches with technology, business, people, and in a few cases all of the above. I have also included a section relating more to my individual experiences and motivations as they have had a tremendous effect on my application of technology.  Lastly, a couple areas I am adding more depth to via a series.  These include tech that I work with every day that continues to evolve.

I will only succeed in these goals if you and our colleagues find the forum a place to participate often. Please send me your constructive comments in building this forum from the ground up.


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