Not Enough for a healthy mind and body

It was seven days ago I decided I wasn’t committed as I should be to get my body and mind in a healthier condition. That Saturday morning I hit the gym and followed @Roberto’s design for me fully.

It is seven days later I weighed myself saw the ‘itty bitty’ progress but also decided I wasn’t doing enough to get my body and mind into a healthy state. I was working out using the program on Mon-Wed and now today. Also a bonus last Saturday. I rode my exercise bike and hit the heavy bags all week, adding more time in Tue-Thu. But this isn’t enough.

I am committing to doing more and get to the gym every day. Raising the bar every day to the limits my body and mind accept (plus one more notch). Gotta push not damage.

Not doing enough, gotta get more out of this old guy.

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