Day Fifteen

Well it has been two weeks since I took this lifestyle change serious. How is it going? Is it different this time compared to previous attempts? Where am I truly struggling versus just getting over the “laziness” and getting it accomplished.

I have a couple sets of changes I am working on. I am changing my diet, which will evolve through several phases to get my body in its right state; I am adding exercise to my daily routine; and I want to use my time better.

Just to start this off, using my time better has not moved forward at all. I think about it, but dont. So lets shelf that for today. It would get too negative and everyone has enough of that in their life.

Regarding my change in diet. I would say it has been moderately successful. I am making better choices. It has been at least two weeks since I drank pop, eaten a sandwich or chowed down on Oreo cookies or ice cream. My diet consists of Chia Seeds, Peanut Butter, Almonds/Peanuts, Fruits (Apple, Banana, grapes, pear), Vegetables (spinach, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, rice, peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli, green beans, tomato), egg, shrimp and most lean meats – no pork. I keep the portions down, my choice of drinks are coffee, black tea (hot and cold), water, collagen water and have started to like Unsweet Almond-Coconut Milk. This is my diet and I have waivered very few times. An example would be air fryer cauliflower, salad with light dressing and a baked sweet potato with no fixings. It is a little boring, sometimes tempting to grab a sandwich at Wendy’s or Penn Station but overall been fine. My problem is my timing. I am not good on several small meals. My excuse is my work schedule with meetings, etc. makes this too tough on me, but in reality it is prioritizing and setting out some reminders to get me into the right routine where my body helps me keep the routine moving.

Now to exercise. Well. Hmmmm. I am working out more than I was. My prepared routine has me working Monday through Friday. Three days are a full body routine and the other two are just to keep my body moving, breathing, etc. When I get there, I am happy to get there, but also dont feel energy in it. I walk through the routine and walk out. My weights are probably too light, I am not in the right mindset. I am always worried what others see and think, although this gym is really good on those support areas. I need to get my head worked on and get this to become not only a necessity but something I start to enjoy and/or need or crave. I want to start craving those exhaustion based, sweat filled achievements. If that makes sense. Since working out, I think I have developed tennis elbow, not sure. Definitely light to sever pain on the ends of my elbows. Never experienced this before.

Well this was a true description of my Day Fifteen. I am going to open up this post to comments and see if it remains civil, otherwise I will close it and keep comments closed off. I dont mind constructive criticisms, just sometimes the social media world gets crazy in their opinions, a post on its own. 🙂

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