Starting the new eating habits today

Well today is my first day following the nutritional plan provided to me. I read through it, all makes sense. I am involved in at least 3 phases. The first is a liver cleanse and assisting with my digestion. As I described earlier, there are other issues I am also addressing, but for the most part this initial phase is focused on those two things.

I thought, give my menu choices for the week, that the meal prep would be pretty simple for the most part. It sort of is, but not. Maybe its the pressure of my limited time with work calls, etc. but I either need to get used to it or make a few adjustments.

I got up at five easily, let the dogs out, started out with my first glass of the lemon water. I teeter between not so bad and disgusting. the lemon zest was a little much to get down, took two 8 oz glasses of water to get it all down. But I can check that box off.

Got changed and was out the door to the gym by 5:15am. Got there at 5:25am, hit the treadmill for 10min and then the machines. I increased my weight on shoulder press and mid row. Left curl, pull and wide lat pull at the same weights. Got all 3 sets of 10 reps for each in solid. Nice push on the machines I added weight on.

Breakfast was weird (celery, chia seeds, pear, almond coconut milk and peanut butter). But I got through it. Drank another 30 oz of water then a black coffee.

Lunch wasnt as bad, just to get used to the prep time and food selections (Egg, tomato, celery, sugar snap peas).

Afternoon snack was pretty good some peanuts, grapes and Collagen Water.

My evening meal did not go exactly as planned, but was tested a little with eating right unplanned. We had to go to Spectrum to take care of closing an account for a family member. That took forever, a blog entry of its own. Well we thought about what we could pick up that was on my diet. We decided on Chipotle. I got a bowl with brown rice, black beans, steak and tomato salsa. Not exactly on my list for dinner, but was using approved foods on my list.

No evening snack, we ate a late dinner and wasnt hungry. I got my supplements and medication in and headed off to bed.

One day down – check!

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