I met with my nutrionist

After a couple meetings with Justin, I met with Dr. Annie Bane to establish my nutritional needs. Just prior I had to fill out the long list of questions our normal family physicians have me complete annually. There were a few more added on my eating habits, likes and dislikes, etc. I felt good about scheduling this meeting.

I was blown away after meeting with her. We discussed my medications, when I started them, why I am taking them, how they are affecting me. We discussed my family line of health issues, pressures at home and work, etc. Then we got into what I just don’t feel my body is doing well with. The little things.

Now remember, I met them after watching his TV series on Discovery Plus’ Magnolia Network (The Fieldhouse). I started following them on Facebook and Twitter and getting to see them in action on a daily basis with Facebook Live events at night. Then after a connection was made I finally felt these two were working for me. Annie wasn’t trying to fit her program around me, we didn’t discuss all of the social media driven trial and error diets and routines. We discussed what pains I was feeling, how tired I was, when, why. From that she immediately had some ideas we briefly discussed but said she needed to formulate the right plan and flow for me. We needed to address certain issues in a certain way and order.

We met again shortly thereafter and went through the approach and plan. I felt this was nothing you could read in a book or download on a video because this was pointed at what I needed and the changes I could be successful making. It is going to be tough, but I am confident that as I transition through my phases I will feel younger and be positioned to live healthy and longer.

I will be posting in this blog things she is guiding me through but be aware these are pointed at my body and my specific health. Things may be different for others. The reason I am sharing is to highlight my feelings that even a solid published program needs to be altered to fit specific issues you need to address with your body.

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