Well I rejoined the gym.

I was pretty happy working out with a friend, then I got the Covid layoff call one day. That broke me. Not many things in life affect me much, I roll pretty well, rebound hard. But that event hit me hard. I quit anything I was doing positive and retracted into a hole. Not focusing on that time, I made a mistake in quitting the gym. I should have kept it as a way to reduce stress and keep myself moving forward. So after meeting with Justin I needed join a gym again. It was a no brainer – M-Power Gym was my choice. The owners and management team are all focused on a neighborhood gym providing anything I would ever need.

Justin wants me to start out with a regular workout 20-40 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and get some solid walking in on the other days.

I love going early in the mornings, not many people there. I might even get back into hitting the heavy bag some again. I enjoyed that quite a bit to top off a good day exercising. As I am typing maybe that is my off day regimen? MWF hit the machines guided by Justin, then on T TH and maybe early on the weekends hit the heavy bag and some other cardio. I feel like I am slacking on T Th anyways.

I need to do something, because I am not finding time during the work day and it is pitch dark in the am and early in the evening. Until Spring hits, I need to drive out to the gym a couple more days a week. I will update the blog as I adjust my schedule and commit more time to exercise.

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