Introducing my fitness trainer.

First I want to say that if I fail it will not be the fault of Justin. This guy has everything I need to make the right changes in my lifestyle to shift my future to a brighter day. I love his energy and his guidance. I wished he lived close. I will undoubtedly need to fly down there a couple times over this next year.

I met Justin after watching his TV series on Discovery Plus’ Magnolia Network (The Fieldhouse). I started following them on Facebook and Twitter and getting to see them in action on a daily basis with Facebook Live events throughout the week and for a while daily at night. One night they mentioned they were trying something new and taking on a handful of people form outside the area and working with them remotely on fitness and nutritional goals. Between Zoom meetings and mobile apps, they wanted to try it out a small group. The challenge was the personal touch they provide at the gym because they knew their unique value was how they cared for the clients and wanted to ensure the individual goals and plans weren’t being altered because it was a remote relationship.

So, I reached out and told them I was looking for help. Soon after that, Justin and I met online and I knew it was going to work perfectly from that first moment. What a great human being. We discussed my needs, my history, what motivates me, and what gets me down. We had to talk straight to ensure I was ready for what he was offering.

So we are organizing my start here soon. Need to get my gym membership back, the stuff in my garage isn’t quite enough long term. He is having me focus on getting back into a habit of going to the gym, walking, riding, using machines at first to get my body into this routine. No heavy duty lifting yet. Just get the habit going, get my body used to it.

Love the idea and cannot wait to get started!

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