My fat loss journey …. again

For the past decade or more I have allowed myself to be trapped beneath baggy 5XL shirts and struggling with aching knees and no energy. I am embarking on a new journey with continuous checkpoints that will keep my path using accountability with the people I love and care about.

I have also met a couple of wonderful people that will provide me expert guidance but realize it is still up to me alone to remain committed to these life changes.

My objective is to reach a healthy body using a sustainable diet and exercise lifestyle. I pause at choosing a weight because as I intend to lose fat and build muscle so weight may bounce around a while. But I believe I intend to end up in the 220-240 range one year from now with a healthy body.

Through the journey I intend to blog about my changes, my responses to these changes, how my new partners are assisting me through the process, etc.

I hope this will be valuable to some to help them in the battles with weight or other challenges life has put in front of them.

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