Mixed Reviews on Office 365 Support

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. – Vince Lombardi

SupportPicMany would say the Office 365 support experience has been frustrating over the years. Of course, many would say that about almost any support group.  Phone support is difficult.  Simplifying methods of desktop sharing has helped, but the facts remain.  Support can always be better.

Many administrators have horror stories about struggling through interminable phone calls with agents who never quite seem to understand the technology and why things are going wrong. Support is a difficult job at the best of times and the range of Office 365 is such that it can take an agent a long time to fully comprehend a problem, but the need to improve frontline support continues to be an issue. – Tony Redmond, 01/07/2020, Office365 Successes and Failures Since 2011

My experiences are mixed with Microsoft.  I have used support with several Microsoft teams, including Azure, Office365, Partner (MPN) and on-premise technologies.

The inconsistent response times sometimes drive me nuts.  In some cases, I will wait thinking the call will come soon, of course, that doesn’t.  I have jumped out to grab some lunch thinking it will take a while and they call too quick.  I also have the team that is in another time zone and call you back at 2am.  My wife loves those support teams!

I have had others that think they are the email masters of support.  Try to troubleshoot everything over email and rarely hit the target, let alone come close to the bullseye.  I am okay with this approach if I choose it for this particular issue.  But if I ask for a call or to schedule my desktop to be shared, then please do so.

SupportPic2I have had those on the phone that don’t listen or read.  And others that cannot understand the problem or technology and are avoiding the escalation or transfer.  Yes, I have been one of those annoying customers that say ‘skip ahead in the manual you are reading’ or at the first sign of problem demand or escalation.  Over the years I have become more patient I assure you.

Then again, I would say 70% of the time I am happy from start to finish in a support incident.  I only see complete failure about 15% of the time.  I won’t be able to call these people out directly with their full names but I have had some great experiences with experts that I try to keep on speed dial. Dennis and David if you are reading this you are one of those SUPERSTARS!

Overall my support with Microsoft seems to be getting better, but I often wonder if my patience and readiness haven’t also played a part in the success.

What are your experiences with Microsoft support? 

How do they compare to other support groups?

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