Microsoft Teams: Personal Wiki and Private Notes. New features that fall a little short for me.

In August, Microsoft announced a couple new enhancements for teams that I would like to discuss further.  These two new features, on the surface, seem to be a valued enhancement that seems to fall a little short for me.  Am I missing something? What are your thoughts?

Take private notes and get the whole picture with the new Wiki app

Now you can access your own private wiki and channel wiki pages in one place—the new Wiki app! Find it by selecting More apps   on the left side of Teams, then Wiki. In the app, keep your own private notes on the Personal tab, see all the wiki pages you’re a part of on the All tab, or get back to ones you’ve used recently on the Recent tab. – Keara James, Microsoft, What’s new in Microsoft Teams, August round up

In order to get to this module, I have to scroll down the apps on the left menu bar (after clicking the ellipses).  I would love to be able to add my favorite modules to the left menu bar.  Is there a way to do this?

This feature worked exactly as described, except doesn’t pop out for me like I would think this should.  I will give this enhancement a B+, because I feel I could find this beneficial to use throughout my day, and hopefully more may be done on this in the future.

Access your personal wiki from anywhere in Teams

In the command box at the top of Teams, you can type /wiki, then press Enter and type your note. Press Enter again when you’re finished, and the note will go right to the Personal tab in the Wiki app.- Keara James, Microsoft, What’s new in Microsoft Teams, August round up

This feature worked exactly as described, except was lacking in a couple areas that really could have hit this out of the park.  I will give this enhancement a C, because I feel more may be done on this in the future.  Surely they are not stopping here?

The initial problem I am finding is that if I am in a team channel and I want to make some personal remarks about something I read, to act on later, perform further research, etc.  I want the personal wiki note to capture where I was when I typed the personal note.  It captures date and time, but should provide me more. Maybe a link even?  I am sure when I get really good at the command line use within the command bar I may be able to add all of this myself. But why make me do all that work when the data is there to use? When the marketed purpose of this enhancement is to apply a quick personal note let’s make this manageable to act on.

Maybe extend this further and allow personal wiki notes to be made within the channel?

This could be an extraordinary enhancement with a little more work put in it.

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