June updates with Microsoft 365. What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

microsoft365JuneI was hoping to begin the post by well defining the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365, but I still struggle to do this providing any value to any of you reading this blog.  Do you know how to explain the difference?  Please post your response to my blog.  I can use the help!
Regardless, I felt some of these updates (to both?) are pretty interesting and valuable enough to share.

… (Microsoft) introduced several new capabilities that improve user experience, streamline the management of common tasks, and enhance identity-driven security measures. We also want to hear your feedback, so that we can make sure these updates are relevant and useful to you.

New to Microsoft 365 in June—streamlining teamwork and security; on


If you are a SharePoint subscriber, the ability to connectOffice 365 Groups to existing SharePoint sites, will be a welcomed update.  My organization is not using SP at the level we should.  I am hoping to reconstruct our use of SP and SP online this fall so that we can fully take advantage of some of the platform value Office 365 offers.

This update includes the ability to connect a group to a SP site, without losing any previous content or permissions, to best find content, team news, and communications with pages, libraries, and lists.

If you are a Android phone user, they have now opened the “Do Not Disturb” in the Outlook application to match other platform capabilities.  You are able to set timed or scheduled periods when email and calendar notifications will be paused.

Have you used Microsoft’s To-Do application? I am trying to use it.  I wish the My Day view would include my meetings and events within the mail account I am signed in with.  What if I have multiple accounts? Anyways, in June, Microsoft introduced “Steps which allows you to break down tasks into incremental steps simplifying the tasks within large projects. They also introduced the ability to share your To-Do lists, enabling others to assist in completing tasks as a group – something tasks within outlook has historically struggled with.

I am excited to review this next enhancement release – Dictation in OneNote. Dictation provides a simple, yet transformational, way to express ideas and capture notes using only your voice. You can also make edits using your keyboard without having to pause the recording. Simply click or tap the Dictate icon and start speaking.

With Dictation in OneNote update I feel Microsoft 365 has some value versus a simple Office 365 account.  They mention “.. Office 365 subscribers with Windows 10 can now take advantage of hands-free dictation using nine languages in OneNote…” This leads me to believe that the Microsoft 365 experience (subscription) includes a package of products and services above and beyond Office 365 only.  

Other product enhancements include:

  • The Adobe Document Cloud team announced new capabilities for OneDrive and SharePoint that provide improved fidelity when working with PDF documents. Once integrated by your administrator, PDF services provide rich previews of PDF documents in OneDrive and your SharePoint sites, and allow you to combine several files into a single PDF in your document library.
  • Updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook include a simplified ribbon to encourage focus and collaboration, modern colors and icons to improve rendering and accessibility, and AI-powered search to quickly surface relevant information.


Secure your organization by implementing baseline security policy in Azure AD that enforces multi-factor authentication for privileged accounts.

Block weaker legacy authentication using conditional access support for blocking legacy clients, getting users to move to more modern clients that support modern authentication mechanisms.

Enhance data classification across your organization—enhancements with the Data Governance dashboard adding new features like the Data Governance toolbox, providing links and tools for common data governance tasks, and a single resource for guidance.

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