Have you seen Microsoft Training Services? How did I miss this?

MicrosoftTrainingI was ‘flipping through Flipboard’ this week and came across a posting back in late May describing an interesting product/service – Microsoft Training Services.  From the article it states that it was released in pre-pilot phase in late May.  How did I miss this? 

Microsoft Training Services is a digital, customized learning service that helps customers assist in quick, effective learning approaches for their organizations without investing heavily in training and change management resources by delivering content straight to your intranet.

… To date, 25 organizations have participated in the pre-pilot phase, helping to develop and test the service. We’ve learned that customers face key challenges with training their employees how to use Microsoft apps and services:

  • Landing the business-specific reasons that new tools are beneficial
  • Customizing adoption and training content to meet the needs of their environment
  • Keeping training content up-to-dateMeasuring the results of their training efforts
  • Keeping IT and champions up-to-date on new features

Introducing Microsoft Training Services; 05-21-2018 09:00 AM; This article is by Peter Krebs from the Microsoft Training Services team. 

Content is said to be customizable, ability to create ‘playlists’ tailored for both the organization and the employee.  Admins are able to report what employees are signing up for, watching and what is in playlists.  Also, a simple web part can be linked within your current SharePoint intranet site.

If all of this is both simple and affordable, then this will be a major breakthrough for LMS (Learning Manage System) development. What are your thoughts?  Have you found the perfect, sustainable, LMS?

In the article it stated that a pilot should be starting this month. To be added to the pilot waitlist or to learn more register at https://aka.ms/mtspilot.


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