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The Azure mobile app is now generally available, and we will continue improving it. We want to bring the full power of Azure to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Have any ideas

or feature requests and want to get involved? We would love to hear your feedback! Download the Microsoft Azure mobile app and let us know what you think at our feedback forum. Follow us on Twitter @AzureApp for the latest news on the app! – Azure mobile app is now generally available, Ilse Terrazas Ortega Program Manager, Azure Mobile App

AzureMobileAppAfter spending a couple weeks on a project adding a virtual network and SQL managed instance in Azure I find the Azure mobile app very useful.  The depth they go in what you can see and perform is very nice for their first big release.

Written using Xamarin Native, I can easily see all of my created resources in a clean list, can filter that list by resource group, virtual machines, storage accounts, etc.  I can also mark certain resources with a favorite marking, for those I am mostly concerned with or currently working with.

Once you open a resources you can view the activity log, properties and any relationship to that resource.

I also like the Cloud Shell capabilities for quick response tasks, and the option for fingerprint security access.

Oddly, I think I would like to see the costs analysis, it may not make me feel too good, but I think that would be useful, specifically at the subscription level.

Are you using Azure today?  Do you find the mobile app useful as well?  What do you find it missing?

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