Should we be forcing innovations to comply with security baselines that cross all sectors?

Let’s admit a few things. We want to touch the world, don’t give me boundaries – but lets do this for free.  Don’t charge me anything or I will try some other app.  I want to share my personal experiences and, by the way we are friends now, I need to know more about you.  Where do you live? Where do you work? Are you married? Have kids? When is their birthday?  I am on vacation on the other side of the world and I love how I can close my garage door with this app.  I’m gonna post about it and share with the world.  This is our world and it’s needs protecting but also some common sense as it relates to risk taking.

ecommerceI love Famous Lee’s Chicken Strips! I will post that!  I love the Penguins, Steelers and Pirates, I will like their pages.  I love what Chip Gaines posts on his twitter account, I will follow that as well.  I am at the store, love this product (post it), with my family at a fabulous restaurant , lets post as selfie and add where we are, my feelings at the time, who is with me.  The list goes on and on.

We love a soaring stock market!  We also love to raise doubt on companies without a solid base of capital and proven revenue source.  Make money for me!  Many of your tech companies raise money is various ways and some of it through IPOs and investors.  To make stockholders happy a consistent profit has to be made, but with some of these companies, don’t charge me a subscription or license fee to use your product.

Put those previous three paragraphs of truth together and what do we get? Companies are trying to find currency value and given these parameters it is in the data they are absorbing through their product.  Products need certain information to operate correctly, it requires you to trust them with certain identity information to move forward.

All of this is plain and simple right?  This is our need.  This is our problem.  How we can solve this the best we can?

We need to group together and establish baselines on security frameworks, but not mandate the product or how.  We need a requirement that lives amongst us and continues to live because it sets objectives that are fluent but steadily hold security as a priority.  We don’t want the government involved, except to get excited about this requirement and set it as the baseline for legal response to those who do not comply.

Industry and governments must collaborate to build a more resilient ecosystem. In sharing lessons learned from operating across diverse environments, global companies can accelerate efforts to protect global infrastructure and technology. Similarly, by leveraging lessons learned through not only their own experiences but also those of industry, governments can ensure their efforts to enhance resiliency are both practicable and effective. This mutual collaboration through public-private partnerships can help to drive meaningful outcomes, which will continue to be critical to improving collective cybersecurity defense and responding to evolving threats.

On March 27, 2018, Microsoft demonstrated its commitment to this mission by joining with five other companies to launch the Coalition to Reduce Cyber Risk (CR2), a global, cross-sector group that will partner with governments to advance cyber risk management. Collaboration with leaders from other sectors and regions will highlight how cybersecurity impacts the global, interdependent economy. It will also provide unique insights as CR2 contributes to governments’ efforts. – Security baselines should underpin efforts to manage cybersecurity risk across sectors, written by Angela McKay, Director of Cybersecurity Policy and Amanda Craig, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist, CELA; April 9, 2018

I love this approach!  I am hoping it becomes real and has substance to carry us forward in a more intelligent way.  Otherwise the world will become chaotic where it relates to our personal identity and ecommerce.  The genie cannot be put back in the bottle.  We want to see the world, we want to touch it (electronically) every day.  We this access free and we want to share it all.  Wow, they have their work cut out for them.

Do you think they will be successful?  What changes do you see coming with products and services?


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