Tech Disruption in Donations: Technology options boost income stream.

As I started to plan for this series on disruption, I really never planned to include churches or charities in it.  After reading this article I jumped at the idea to get this in as I thought it really details why disruptive tech is such an overused term.

Disruptive technology truly is happening every where and affecting every one almost every day..

My series is focusing on how technology is being used to directly change the user experience and/or habits of individuals. This edition fits that goal perfectly.

Donations used to require dropping cash in an offering plate, a bucket or even a boot.  It used to require writing a check and mailing it in to the organization.  They also required thought each time you donated.  All of this energy is no longer required.

Not only can you use web sites or like digital means of contributing, but you can download an app and setup a recurring donation schedule – so you don’t have to remember to do it any longer (or not have to think about it).

… digital platforms have fast become a common alternative for many parishioners. About 80 percent of Christians polled for State of the Plate, a comprehensive survey of giving practices, say their church offers the option to give through a website — up significantly from 29 percent five years earlier.

The survey, conducted in 2016, also found that 46 percent use mobile app or text-based options to donate (up from just 4 percent in 2010). And nearly one-third of respondents give via a tablet or kiosk in the lobby. – What Churches Should Know About Digital Giving, Kevin Joy, BizTechMag, March 29, 2018


Although I am sure the organizations appreciate the steady stream of donations (versus the roller coaster they were used to), but isn’t thinking of the organization, using her personal energy to contribute not only money but thoughts and time also of value?  I feel we are becoming more disconnected with people, organizations, religious conviction with some of the enhancements.  Don’t get me wrong, I would and probably will use such an app, but I have to remember that a charity and my church need me there personally as well to really grow and survive.

These organizations and churches are being educated on how they can take advantage of easing the process for people to give. I found one resource on where they have several ebooks on how to grow a church including one about mobile giving (click image to the left).

What are your thoughts on this type of disruption?  Convenient? Security risks? People energy affected?

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